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May 2022
Garden Taps Fitted
New Taps Fitted
New Sinks Fitted
Bathroom Suites Fitted
Plumbing Leaks Fixed
New Radiators Fitted
New Appliances Installed
General Plumbing Services
Garden Irrigation Systems Fitted

Our  Home Handyman

Handyman Plumbing Services :

At Our Home Handyman we provide a handyman plumbing service throughout
New for old bathroom or kitchen taps, dripping or leaking taps repaired, most
dripping taps are caused by a worn washers which are easily replaced, however
if not repaired it will lead to staining of the sink / bath and possible calcium build
up within the tap body which makes it harder to open and close, therefore a new
valve is needed, new valves cost about £5 and washers cost about 2p (inc vat !).
Dishwasher and washing machine installing / re-siting.
New bath, toilet, sink and pedestal fitting or any annoying leaks.
Toilets can be an absolute nightmare sometimes with so many fiddly parts to go
wrong, if its just an internal dripping inside the cistern all is required is to adjust
the float valve (most times), however sometimes its the flapper, most times its
more economical to replace the whole internal as it costs about £20 rather than
messing about for an hour and finding the problem still exists.
New radiators, re-siting of existing radiators, thermostatic valves, if your radiator
is colder at the top than the bottom it needs bleeding, if its significantly colder at
the bottom than the top it needs removal and flushing out (sludge), not a big job,
if it does'nt heat up like the rest it needs balancing, very common in
All types of blockages repaired.
Exterior plumbing including outside garden taps, garden irrigation systems,
water conservation.
Plumbing materials collection and return excess service available.
Old sanitaryware removed and disposed of at council waste recycling depot if
This is just a brief overview of our handyman plumbing services, for more
information why not browse our site.
Our Home Handyman services are charged by the hour / half hour.
Free no obligation quotations on request.
Normal working hours are Monday to Friday 7:30 to 5:30.
An evening and weekend handyman plumbing service is available on request.
Our Home Handyman rates :
£30 for the first hour and £10 per half hour / £20 per hour thereafter during normal
working hours.
Examples ( 1 hour = £30 ) ( 2 hours = £50 ) ( 3 hours = £70 ) .
£80 Half day rate (4 hours) with £10 per half hour thereafter.
£150 Full day rate (8 hours) with £10 per half hour thereafter.
All work professionally carried out and guaranteed to last.
To arrange a handyman plumbing service or perhaps some practical advice, contact
Our Home Handyman now on 0161 883 1981 / mobile (Mike) 0777 953 2113

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