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May 2022
Bedroom TV Wall Mounting
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Plasma TV Wall Mount
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TV Wall Mount Fitting

Our  Home Handyman

TV Wall Mounting Services :

At Our Home Handyman we provide a TV wall mounting service, lcd TV wall mounting,
plasma TV wall mounting,
ceiling or wall mounted projector screens.
It is of the highest importance that a secure fixing is established in the chosen location
whether its a solid wall or stud
wall partition, dot n dab plasterboard onto a masonry
wall or perhaps a ceiling ( mainly for projectors ) .

A modern flat screen TV measuring 32" or more can weigh in excess of 20 kgs ,
plasma TV's can be
extremely heavy due to having a solid glass screen.
To find out what size mount you require simply look in the booklet that came with the
TV and find the section
where it mentions VESA ( Video Electronics Standards
Association ), it should say VESA 100 / VESA 200 etc, simply
purchase a mount that
matches that VESA number in either low profile, tilt or full motion etc.

One of my favourite wall mount suppliers is the Screwfix store in Broadheath, its 400m 
past B+Q, 200m past
Atlantic Timber ( a fantastic local timber supplier ).

Just a quick tip regarding HDMI cables for your brand spanking new behemoth TV, as
HDMI cables carry a digital
signal they work 100% or not, unlike the old analogue TV
cables where a lot of distortion occurs.

Forget about those £19.99 gold plated super duper overpriced ones from Argos /
John Lewis etc, any HDMI cable
from the pound shop will work just as good.

These are a bargain and a godsend from play.com, you can use any HDMI cable to
connect to your TV without the
cable being squeezed against the wall, great for when
the space is tight between the back of the TV and the wall.

Depending on the type of wall and size of TV it takes no more than an hour to fit a TV
wall mount.
This is just a brief overview of our TV wall mounting service, for more information why
not browse our site.

Our Home Handyman s
ervices are charged by the hour / half hour.
Free no obligation quotations on request.

Normal working hours are Monday to Friday  7:30 to 5:30.
An evening and weekend TV wall mounting service is available on request.
Our pricing structure :
£30 for the first hour and £10 per half hour / £20 per hour thereafter during normal
working hours.

Examples ( first hour = £30 ) ( 2 hours = £50 ) ( 3 hours = £70 ) .
£80  Half day rate (4 hours) with £10 per half hour thereafter.                            
£150 Full day rate (8 hours) with £10 per half hour thereafter.
All work professionally carried out and guaranteed to last.

To arrange a TV wall mounting service or perhaps some practical advice, contact
Our Home Handyman
now on 0161 883 1981 / mobile (Mike) 0777 953 2113

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